Christian Simeon

Picture a dusty road small town full of natural beauty but desolate and sparse in opportunity and hope. A landscape rich in imagery ripe for the imagination open to travel far and wide with emotions.

This is the story of singer songwriter Christian Simeon.


A songwriter who bathed himself in the music of song writing masters like Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams , Anders Osborne, Robert Earle Keen , Emmy Lou Harris and legends like Townes Van Zandt and Woody Guthrie.


This best describes his music and of Sacred Heart Serenade the latest EP by New Orleans based singer songwriter Christian Simeon.


This EP is bathed in the tribulations that sometimes overwhelm relationships both friendly and intimate alike. 


"I feel like their was a piece of me that needed to sing for the people who suffer from bad love and only see things from its bleakest of places." says Christian 


Sacred Hearts Serenade is a singwriters attempt to dive deeply into the darkest reaches of depression but understanding the limits. 


Songs like DOWN, ALONE and BLACK all ask the questions about love and it's many tentacles that confuse a person. 


"I'm here to be a voice for the people who are struggling with life, I want them to know there are some people who understand their pain and sympathize with them." Sighs Christian


For those who do decide to listen to his EP you will be sonically pleased with the Acoustictic guitar layered throughout the entire track list.

"The Acoustic guitar has always been like a piece of my anatomy. It vibrates through you like a second heartbeat." Growls Christian


Secret Hearts Serenade is the first step in what will be a long line of music for the people out there who need a hand at understanding the darkness they are living in. 


Enjoy The Sacred Heart Serenade

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